Slash Dot Menu

Slash Dot Menu

Do you want a different approach to view menus on demand in your website? Then this plugin named “Slash Dot Menu” is the right option for you. This stylish plugin is a collapsible menu, that is, when clicked upon the menu button, its sub menu appears right below it. When clicked on the menu item again, it collapses returning to its previous stage. Such a model is useful when you don’t want your website to look messy and conjusted. It also gives us a brief idea of where we are currently placed, very helpful in situations where the sub menus are very large in number and these sub menus further have many more sub menus. Customisation can be done by stating which menus to expand by default, and the speed in which the menu items expand or collapse.

For further Documentation of this script please follow the link mentioned below:

To download this code, click the link mentioned below:

Simply download, and refer to the HTML page inside. You may wish to view the menu’s sdmenu.js and sdmenu.css files.

To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here:

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