Flyout Ribbon using jQuery and CSS3

Flyout Ribbon using jQuery and CSS3

Ever wanted to customize a menu into a flying ribbon? One such plugin called “Flyout Ribbon” can be be used to customize. These fly-out menus can be placed anywhere in the sides of the websites. Such menus are indicated by an arrow head that points in the direction of opening. These fly-out menus are very useful as they can be used to show or hide the menu options in just one click. These fly-out ribbon has an advantage as the menu items can be viewed on demand.

Author note: Recently, I created a Flyout Ribbon using jQuery and CSS3 that I would like to share with you today. My original idea for this came from the desire have a web administration panel for every page on my site, so i could edit content, change menu’s, etc directly on the page I was working on. I really wanted something unobtrusive to the flow of my page and something with a bit of sex appeal, so naturally I turned to jQuery and CSS3. I also wanted something that I show and hide easily. Hence, the jQuery Flyout Ribbon plugin! Please visit the Flyout Ribbon support page for future updates, documentation, changelogs etc.

For further Documentation of this script please follow the link mentioned below:

To download this code, click the link mentioned below:

To view an example of the script, visit the link mentioned here:

To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here:

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