jQuery Radmenu Plugin

jQuery Radmenu Plugin

A Radial Menu is also known as a Pie Menu, is a circular contextual menu. It can be used anywhere in the website. Radial menu’s are very useful because the location of the menu and its location can be easily memorized by all the users. The interface effectively engages users in a way in which they are capable of placing directional and gestural associations with particular actions. Using such interactive plugins in your website enhances the viewer’s overall experience.

For further Documentation of this script please follow the link mentioned below:


To download this code, click the link mentioned below:

Production – 4.9kB ( Download )

Development – 17kB ( Download )

To view an example of the script, visit the link mentioned here:


To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here: Boxedart.com

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