Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery

Want to show-off your image gallery in an innovative and appealing way? Use the plugin called “Thumbnails Navigation Gallery” to do the above. In this plugin there is a list of menu items which when clicked upon slide out a scrollable thumbnail pane. This pane houses the images in tiles and are scrollable, i.e. they move in the direction the mouse pointer is moved to. They move left when the mouse pointer moves left and right when the mouse pointer does so. This type of view facilitates an easy and interesting view of all the images present in that particular album. The scroll bar is positioned in an horizontal way making the appearance appealing. View the live implementation of the plugin to experience the magic.

For more details and Documentation of this script please follow the link given below:

To download this code, click the link mentioned below:

To view an example of the script, visit the link mentioned here:

To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here:

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