Unique JQuery slideshow plugin – Avia Slider

Unique JQuery slideshow plugin – Avia Slider

Want to control the effects of the slideshow?

Apply this plug-in in your website and use it the way you want to. This plug-in allows you to customize the slideshow options with 8 in-built slide transition effects and much more options to further create your own effect. It has options to start or stop a slide show on the screen. This gives a unique experience for the visitor. The images shown can be linked to any website or any such links. It loads the images first, so that there is no lag in the slide show. With such improved options, a website can be made more usable.

Here is the features of Avia Slider

  1. 8 unique transition effects
  2. Lots of easy to set options to create your own effects
  3. Included Image preloader
  4. Autoplay that stops on user interaction
  5. Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup
  6. Packed version only weights 8kb
  7. Supports linked images
  8. already prepared to work with prettyPhoto Lightbox
  9. works with jQuery 1.32 and higher

It supports the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6 and higher
  • Safari 3 and higher
  • Firefox 2 and higher
  • Opera 10 and higher
  • Google Chrome 3 and higher
  • Checks for last 3 Browsers performed on Mac & Win

Download and Documnets

For downloading and documentation please visit the link below


To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here: Boxedart.com

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JQuery is a very powerful tool, the more you learn about, more will you be amazed what it is capable of. Stay with us for lot of upcoming articles, Guidelines with plenty of great tutorials, Resources, etc.

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