InputNotes – Validatetes textboxes based on regex

InputNotes – Validatetes textboxes based on regex

Want to validate text boxes in your website? Apply this plug-in and let your visitors know if they are entering the correct data. This plug-in checks if a text is entered in a text-only box or if a number is entered in a number-only box. This plugin shows an error message wherever a wrong entry is made. It can also tell the visitor if the entered information is valid or not. All the validations depend on the initial conditions given. For a better understanding of the code please view the documentation page carefully.

For further Documentation of this script please follow the link mentioned below:

With such interesting features websites can be made more approachable and easy to use. To download this code, click the link mentioned below:

To view an live example of the script, visit the link mentioned here:

To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here:

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