Pivot.js to display a large data on your web.

Pivot.js to display a large data on your web.

Do you have a large database to be displayed? Do you want it to be displayed according to the visitor’s needs? This plug-in called “Pivot.js” enables you to arrange and show the data as per the needs of the visitor. It sorts out data according to the fields. To view a particular field, one has to choose it from the menu at the top of the table. This floating menu appears only when we approach the database. Once the floating menu is visible, you can choose the categories to view from it. The data which match the selected category are displayed. It can be changed by choosing another category. With such useful plug-ins, viewing large database becomes easy.

For further Documentation of this script please follow the link mentioned below:


For better understanding of the plugin, please view the example show here.


To get the version of the script integrated within a live template visit the website whose link is mentioned here: Boxedart.com

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