jQuery Text Size Slider Script

About the jQuery Text Size Slider Script

If you need to ensure your visitors can read the information on your site with ease without worrying about whether you selected the correct font size for all users, the jQuery Text Size Slider script easily resolves this concern. This slider is used to control the text size of an article on a page by the end user to display the content in a size of your choosing. It is a nice feature to offer users of a website to demonstrate the attention of detail put into considering their needs by the website owner.

To understand how this script functions in a simply stated fashion, when the slider is dragged, a bubble will fade in displaying the current size of the text and the text “current text size” will also appear with the existing text size next to it. When the plus or minus sign of the slider is clicked the text size will increase or decrease by one pixel at a time.

It is important to note that there have been some compatibility issues referenced regarding several browsers, but these problems are being addressed as presented.

If you want to implement this code into your website, you may grab the script at the below link:

Examples of the jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background Script:

For a simple example of the operation of this script, the same can be found at the below URL:

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