jQuery Flip Box Effect Script

About the jQuery Flip Box Effect Script

The obvious first question with this script may be what is Flip? Well, Flip is a jQuery plugin that will allow for the simple flipping of elements of your choosing in either a horizontal or vertical directional, as well as reverse the direction that the flipping movement is setup for at any given time with the inclusion of a reverse tab. This feature will integrate a nice flipping effect on images, divs, or any content you would like to place within it. Others options included with this script are the ability to change the background color within the flip, adjust the speed of the flip, synchronous function executed before, during, or at the end of the animation sequence.

So, now your saying to yourself, how do I get that code? Voila, here it is:

Examples of the jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background Script:

An excellent example of how this script functions is available at the author’s website, which is found at the link below

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