jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background Script

About the jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background Script

If you are looking for a way to integrate a calming and soothing element to your website, the jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background script can accomplish this objective. With the addition of this jQuery script, you can implement clouds scrolling within the background of a website. The script will allow the background of any HTML tag to move in either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction based on your preference. In addition to the directional option, the speed of the movement can also be customized via this script. This script works by utilizing the background-position jQuery attribute.

To grab this effect and insert this soft addition to your website, simply visit the link below:

Examples of the jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background Script:

An example of the jQuery Scrolling Cloud Background script can be found at the below URL:

To see a fun, light example of this script within an integrated design, simply review the template at the link below:

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