jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Script

About the jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Script

This jQuery Vertical Accordion menu script was created to deliver the most simple system for implementing an accordion style menu and overcome the bulky, difficult attributes that are often attached to this type of jQuery implementation. While the script itself may be simple, the effect it delivers is quite pronounced and creates a seamless method for displaying menus, images, presentation content, and the like in a vertical manner.

To summarize the functionality of this script, it will simply open and close the content on a website like an accordion in a vertical fashion and adjust to the number of elements included in the accordion whether it be abridged, standard, or elongated content. This script uses a grouping of DIV elements with specific names to accomplish this objective.

The first release of this script can be found at the link below:


On March 29th, 2010 an update was released for this script, which resulted in a slightly altered version of the original to include a few widely requested features since its initial release. The additional effects include the use of jQuery 1.4.2, adding a mouseover effect, adding a selected effect, and the ability to close open menus by clicking their header. The updated version of this script is found at the link below, along with all documentation:


Examples of the jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Script:

To view a demonstration of the original jQuery vertical accordion menu script simply visit the link below:

For a look at the updated script, the URL is detailed here:

If you would like to see a version of the script within a live template, you may simply visit the link below:

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