jQuery Corner Page Peel Script

About the jQuery Corner Page Peel Script

The jQuery Corner Page Peel script allows for the inclusion of the popular feature to include a corner page peel on a website. This attention for this option has grown rapidly as it provides an alternative method to grab a visitors attention with various advertising or important website messages that are hidden beneath the corner page peel. The call to action by a user is great, as the old adage about curiosity and our feline friends holds true.

The particular significance of this script is that it promotes the use of jQuery, as opposed to Flash, to accomplish the same objective that often required Flash over JavaScript.

The complete and simply stated tutorial to integrate this script into a website, as well as the download of the script itself, is found at the link below:


Examples of the jQuery Moving Box Gallery Script:

A demonstration of the jQuery corner page peel script in action can be found at the link below:

To see a version of the script within a live template that includes this effect, as well as several others, you may simply visit the link below:

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