jQuery Moving Box Gallery Script

About the jQuery Moving Box Gallery Script

The jQuery Moving Box Gallery script is a build on the Coda Slider script, wherein panels slide to show the content of the page. However, the enhancement of this particular script to the Coda Slider script is that it allows for the navigation between the panels in either direction using arrows on either side of the content area that the panels are displayed within. Further to this, the content that is in center view as the panels are navigated through has a zoom in feature making that panel larger and more focused, while the other panels are zoomed out next to that center panel.

To state the functionality of this script simply, it is a simple horizontal slider which zooms in on a panel when it is in focus (i.e. image, title, & text) and zooms out when the panel is not in focus. The inclusion of the buttons to change panels and allowing the panels to zoom in and out adds a professionally focused method for displaying the content on any given page.

The original script with the above listed functionality can be found at the below URL:


As the popularity for this type of script has grown, several updates, modifications, and further enhancements have been made to the original script. To review the full changelog for this script, simply review the information outlined at the link below:


Examples of the jQuery Moving Box Gallery Script:

To view a demonstration of the jQuery Moving Gallery Script, simply visit the link below:

Better still, to see a live implementation of the script, simply click on the link below:

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