jQuery Spotlight Navigation Menu Script

About the jQuery Spotlight Navigation Menu Script

A navigation menu script that uses jQuery builtin fadein and fadeout effects with advanced CSS. This script will create a spotlight effect on the menu link that a user is hovering over. Once the user clicks on the particular link that they have highlighted with the spotlight effect, the effect disappears until the user moves to another navigational item. The spotlight effect will fade out as the user moves between the menu navigation links and retain the fade in effect only on the menu navigation link that the user is on at that moment. The jQuery script utilized is simple with just advanced CSS implemented, and results in a creative approach to focusing a user’s attention on each item within the menu navigation of a website.

The complete outline for implementing this script, along with the script itself, can be found at the link below:


Example of jQuery Spotlight Navigation Menu Script:

A very simple demonstration of this script functions can be found at the below link:

For a better visual of this script implemented into a working website, the functioning jQuery script can be found at the URL below:

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