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Floating Menu a jQuery Script

Floating Menu a jQuery Script Do you always have to go to the top of the website everytime just to click onto something? Had you ever wished for something like a floating main menu right in the corner of the screen? Worry not, here is a plugin called “Floating Menu”, that offers just what you [...]

jQuery Context Menu script

jQuery Context Menu script Are you fed up with those annoying pop-up menus in your website? Ever thought of wanting to see the menu when u wished for it? There is a plugin that enables the above options, called “Context Menu script”. This jQuery script creates an environment wherein, a menu is displayed when it [...]

Mouseover Tabs Menu

Mouseover Tabs Menu Don’t want to hide the contents of your website when you use pop-up menus? There is a solution! Using a plugin named “Mouseover Tabs Menu” you can now avoid pop-ups crowding your website. The menus are to be selected by hovering the mouse pointer over the menu button. In this plugin the [...]

Auto Paging – A jQuery Plugin

Auto Paging Do you want to increase your efficiency in searches? Does your search result have many pages? Don’t worry, this plugin named “Auto Paging” can do wonders. It is capable of showing total number of pages, can be viewed by pointing the mouse on the page numbers and scrolling the mouse wheel. At any [...]

TimePickr a jQuery Plugin

TimePickr a jQuery Plugin Bored of entering time on a website? Here is a plugin named “timepickr” that makes entering time very easy. It has 4 standard minute’s values (00,15,30,45) and two formats of time display, the 12 hour and the 24 hour. Entering time is done by hovering the mouse on the time-box. Upon [...]

jQuery mMenu Plugin

jQuery mMenu Plugin Ever thought of arranging your floating menus in the form of a stack? It is now possible with the use of plugin called “mMenu”. This plugin features a rich image content. The menu items here are arranged in a stack fashion that moves from left to right when the mouse pointer is [...]

jQuery Multicolor animation drop down navigation menu

jQuery Multicolor animation drop down navigation menu Animations without colours would jus be like a stage without actors. It looks incomplete if animations for the menu bar have no colours at all. This can be solved by using the plugin, “Multicolor animation drop down navigation menu” . This solves the problem of monotonus colour of [...]

NavDock jQuery Plugin 1.2

NavDock jQuery Plugin 1.2 Simplyfying a task is our latest motto. Ever wondered of having a floating menu bar? Yes! It is now possible! Applying a jQuery plugin called “NavDock 1.2″ you can now have floating menus in your websites. To select a menu, the mouse icon is hovered on the menu image displayed. When [...]

Scalable Menu with jQuery CSS3

Scalable Menu with jQuery CSS3 Have you ever wanted to see only the pop-up menus when you hover on the menu buttons? This JavaScript plugin named “Scalable Menu” uses jQuery and CSS3 codes to improvise such actions. Using this plugin we can highlight only the pop-up menus and the other menu buttons present in the [...]

jQuery and CSS3 Awesome Slide Down Box Menu

jQuery and CSS3 Awesome Slide Down Box Menu Are you fed up looking at those old aged menus displayed as a list? Do you like your menus to be interactive and attractive? This plugin called ” Awesome Slide Down Box Menu ” uses jQuery and CSS3 structures to make menu icons more interactive. These menus [...]